This policy defines how SHAPTON Co., Ltd. (“we” or “us”) protect our customers' personal information, considering the nature of our business and social norms.

1. Information held
We will administer any personal information obtained from website inquiries and the like, such as name, address, age, phone/fax number and email address, in the manner shown below.
2. Usage and provision to third parties
Personal information entrusted to us will be used only to respond to the customer, and for no other purpose. We will never provide customers' personal information to any third party, nor will we use it without the customer's prior consent for any purpose other than those specified here.
3. Protective measures
We will closely control personal information to prevent its leakage, loss, falsification, inappropriate disclosure, improper use, or illegal access. However, if an institution such as a court, the police, or national/local government, having authority under statute or bylaws, requests disclosure in accordance with the law, we may on occasion disclose personal information without the consent of the individual concerned.
4. Outsourcing
We will not outsource the handling of any personal information entrusted to us.
5. Corrections and suspension of use
When requested by a customer to amend their personal information or suspend its use, we will check that the requester is the individual concerned and that the relevant facts are objectively true, then respond promptly.
6. Disclosure
If a customer wants their own personal information to be disclosed, they should contact via our Inquiry Form below. We will respond with the detailed procedures for requesting disclosure of personal information, including where and how to place such a request, and a list of the necessary documents. Please note that only information obtained from the individual will be disclosed.
7. Note
What personal information is provided to us is entirely up to the individual, but if insufficient personal information is supplied with an inquiry, we may on occasion be unable to respond appropriately.